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thirty seconds to mars + jared leto, lana del rey, space, star trek, in the flesh, lots of women
mars shows attended: ♡ 28 since 2010 ♡

jared leto is a huge hippie and a shining star and very, very deserving of love.

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 Kaity Barrett || Iceland

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three ppl unfollowed me after they realised I am not a jared padalecki blog.

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every time a jared padalecki blog follows me I’m worried they think I’m one of them

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i took two in different lighting idk how I’ve managed to never notice the green around the pupil??

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i-believe-in-dean replied to your post:
wtf, eyes can’t change color??? O.o

I know idk?? At least I’ve never noticed it before. I asked my friend who I’ve known for over ten years and she says she hasn’t either wtf